We are aUK based, specialist supplier of inexpensive rosary parts. We wish to support rosary makers and encouraging new rosary makers. We believe we are the only UK based, specialist rosary parts supplier. rosary-making.com was established by a former member of a Carmelite Community who hashad  years of experience as a rosary maker. This site has been established as a result of her own difficulties, and the difficulties experienced by herself and her Rosary Making friends in finding parts and supplies suitable for her own Rosary Making in small to medium quantities at reasonable prices, without paying high shipping fees fron The US. 

The Aim of rosary-making.com

We aim to provide a friendly "one stop shop" specifically designed to meet the needs of new and experienced rosary makers.

Unlike general jewellry making parts suppliers, all our products have been selected and tested for their suitability in rosary making.Our Customers are able to buy Crucifixes and centres in any quantity at reasonable prices, without paying high shipping fees from America.

We aim to encourage and support new rosary makers, providing written instruction, advice and "tips" on all our products.

Later this year

We will extend our range and rely on feedback from our customer to tell us what new products they would like to see on the site.

We hope to intergrate a "chat room" Rosary Makers on the site. Rosary makers will be able to communicate, online with each other and have a forum for mutual support and shared information.